Re: Public Comments - Bill Caddell
Subject: Re: Public Comments
From: Bill Caddell
Date: February 21, 1998

> [email protected] wrote:
> >
> > Enough is enough. If you can't stop Coker from so many messages, then take me
> > off the list. I had over 35-40 this morn. I do not have time to read SC
> > history. I am interested in genealogy.  But that still takes time just to
> > delete that many messages. Let me know if you intend to stop him or I and
> > others will have to get off the list.  Thanks
> > Sarah Browder
> >

To: Sarah Browder:

I for one appreciate all that Steven Coker does on behalf of all of us
that are truly interested in GENEALOGY and HISTORY. I get 200-300 msgs
every day via e-mail and I appreciate every one.  It's the most valuable
way of receiving information about families and where they lived. I
think you are right you should not be on this list.  Take up another


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