Subject: Pryor
Date: June 28, 1999

From the Index of the Rev War applications
John.Cont.(V A) Elizabeth Q,Lake for widow W 12064;BLWt, 1750-200
Cpt Lt. Issued 8/10/1789 to Richard Platt,assignee No papers
Matthew  N.C.S3747
Thomas N.J.S35035
William V.A. S 8979

Pryer(Pryor) Simon N.J. Susannah W 2854BLWt 31573-160-55

Abner Conn Abgail W 4311;BLWt 1666-400-Maj issued 5/20/ 1791 no papers
Abner N.Y. BLWt 1685-300 Surgeons mate Issued 9/28/1791 no papers
Azariah Conn.Alice W17490
Ebenezer Conn. Mary W 17496
Gideon R -
Jesse Conn.S 44275
John  Mass. Privateer,Margaret W W26941
John V.A.S36242
Roswell Conn. Pheobe W 17495
Simeon Conn. S4652

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