Prosser's of South Carolina - Ginger Hederer
Subject: Prosser's of South Carolina
From: Ginger Hederer
Date: April 02, 2000

I am still at a brick wall with my Prosser line.  Could somebody please
help!!!  I believe my Prosser's came from around Georgetown and ended up in
Florence Co. SC.
They were found on the 1900 Pee Dee Twp. Florence Co. Census as follows

Prosser, William J b. 12/1843 age 56
            Vicie wife b. 2/1849 age 41
            William R son 5/1886 age 14
            Charles B son 3/1889 age 11
            Leroy H son 1/1892 age 8
            Minnie L daughter 4/1893 age 7
            Joseph A son 5/1895 age 5
            Bettie C daughter 2/1897 age 3
            L McCleo son 5/1900 age 0  ( I think this should be Elmer McCleo

There is one more son who wasn't born yet: Zero L. Prosser b.10 Sep 1904 d.
Jan 1974 Darlington County, SC

I sure would like to know what happen to these people?  Where did they go
From here.  Does any body have any earlier and later censuses for these
people.  I would like to know who William Job's parents were and same thing
with Vicey Ann Poston.  Please your help is greatly needed.
[email protected]

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