PROSSER and GIST families - Thomas Keefe
Subject: PROSSER and GIST families
From: Thomas Keefe
Date: February 13, 1998

I am sarching for information concerning my grandfather Julius Marion
GIST (5/20/1880-8/19/1924) and my grandmother Anna Luvenia PROSSER
(12/17/1888- 12/17/1970).

They had four sons and four daughters:  Leland White (m. Ruby Estelle
JACOBS),  Nellie Mae (m. Otis Ree Keefe) [my parents],  Nora Eloise (m.
Alex EASLER),  Effie Mae (m. Theddie BROWN),  William Count (m.
Elizabeth),  Julius Clinton (m. Ethel THURMAN),  Leroy Zingle (m. Alma),
and  Edith (m. Jack HAND).

My grandfather's parents were George White GIST and Nora RICHBURG.
George's father was John White GIST.   Nora's parents were John W.
RICHBURG  and Sarah Ann CREASY.   My grandfather had three sisters: Mary
Lou [Sugar] (m. Jerry Miach TYSON),  Carrie, and  Catherine GIST.

My grandmother's parents were Count Pulaski PROSSER and Sarah STONE.
Count's mother was Paula MILLER.   My grandmother had 3 brothers and 6
sisters:  Martha Alice,  Joseph,  William Bateman,  Sarah Martha,  Liza
Jane,  Olivia,  Emma,  Nathan, and  Queen PROSSER.

I am also researching KEEFE,  McKINNON,   STEWART, and  CAMPBELL.

Any help that you can give with these families will be greatly
appreciated.   Thanks!
Tom Keefe

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