From: Steven J. Coker
Date: August 31, 1998

For the month of September, 1998, the SCRoots Forum Policy is hereby modified
as shown below.  This revision will be implemented on a test basis for the
month of September.  After that time the prior policy becomes effective again,
unless otherwise notified.  If disruptions, abuse, or annoying situations
develop as a result of this test, then the Forum Manager may terminate the
test at any time deemed appropriate.  The official policy statement on the web
site will not be changed during this test period.

Effective on a test basis 1 SEP 1998 - 30 SEP 1998.

Remaining subscribed or otherwise using the Forum in any manner shall
constitute acknowledgment that you have read and agreed to the following Forum

1. Fundamental policy.
Don't be annoying or be easily annoyed. 

2. SPAM and things like it.
Test messages, virus warnings, chain letters, profanity, insults, political
statements, commercial ads, inappropriate announcements, off-topic messages,
and other annoying messages may be grounds for expulsion from this Forum
without further notice.  The following types of announcements will be allowed
as exceptions.

 a. All Free or Non-Profit Public Meetings on the Forum Topic being held in
South Carolina.  A Public Meeting is considered one that is open to the
general public.  This exception is limited to meetings which are free of
charge, and those which are sponsored by non-profit organizations which charge
a minimal fee to cover expenses.  Meetings conducted on a For-Profit basis do
not qualify.

 b. Family Reunions to be held in South Carolina.  Note well, this exception
is limited to FAMILY Reunions and only those where the gathering takes place
within South Carolina.  Qualified reunion announcements may state any charges,
donations, restrictions, etc., that may apply.  Reunions do not have to be
open to the public.

 c. Announcements of ON-TOPIC publications for sale, trade, or barter.  Do NOT
post long catalogs of publications.  If you have such catalogs, simply
describe them and tell how they may be obtained.  This exception is intended
to allow authors, publishers, and book dealers to discuss and describe
particularly useful publications they may have available.  It is not intended
to encourage routine commercial advertisements.

 d. Announcements of ON-TOPIC research services by professional or amateur
genealogists and historians.

 e. Announcements of ON-TOPIC Public email discussion groups, online chat
groups, web sites, or other Internet based services which are directly related
in a useful way to the Forum topic.  This includes services dedicated to
surnames PROVIDED THAT the announcement identifies at least one person with
the surname who was resident in South Carolina prior to 1861.  Announcements
regarding surname services which do not meet this requirement are considered

3. Quoting.
Don't quote excessively. Most email programs automatically quote the whole
message when you reply. In an archived Forum this is wasteful and can be
confusing. Quote the relevant portions only. Delete extraneous material.
Excess quoting is annoying.

4. Topics.
The Forum is for sharing and discussion of South Carolina genealogy
information, study, and research. Historical information and other material
helpful for guiding or understanding research is acceptable. Other subjects
and uses are off-topic in this Forum.

Examples of ON-TOPIC messages.

"John, I checked the probate index for Sumter and Darlington per your request.
Found the following listings for the names DuBose and Buddin which may be of
interest to you and others ...."

"REWARD OFFERED! After 20 years searching I've run out of ideas. So, I'm
offering a $500 reward for the information listed below with acceptable
accompanying proofs conforming to the requirements indicated ...."

"LOOKUP REQUEST: Seeking lookup help on the following ...."

"QUESTION: In the extract shown below from an 1808 Sumter District will, can
somebody explain the meaning of the phrase ...." 

Examples of OFF-TOPIC messages.

"John, I haven't got the information you requested. But, did you see the game

"This is a test to see if I have this working right."

"Announcing a new web site for all you Carolina duck hunters ...."

5. Message format and attachments.
Do not send HTML format messages or file attachments to the email Forum. Some
subscribers use email programs that are not compliant with current standard
protocols (e.g. MIME). File attachments and HTML encoded messages cause such
subscribers confusion and problems. Make sure HTML format is turned off in
your email program and that "cards" are not being appended to messages sent to
the email Forum. If you have a non-commercial file that you would like to make
available for others, you may post an announcement about its availability
telling people how they may freely obtain the file. If you think it is
particularly useful information, consider donating the file to a web site for
permanent online availability.

6. Etiquette.
Be considerate of other Forum members. Follow common standards of etiquette.
This is a public Forum accessible to people of all ages, sexes, races,
religions, political philosophies, nationalities, etc. Therefore all uses
should be appropriate for a "General" audience. Do not use profanity. Do not
insult people. Be nice. If you can't be nice, be quiet. If you can't be nice
or be quiet, then be gone. 

7. Illegal activities.
Use of the Forum for any illegal activity of any kind is unacceptable. For
examples, there are laws relating to copyright, data protection, computer
misuse, libel, etc. Each user accepts responsibility for complying with all
laws, regulations, policies, guidance, information, etc., which apply to usage
of the Forum. 

Although many resources are free, some are not allowed to be copied or
distributed with prior permission of the copyright holder. When in doubt, ask
the copyright holder. You are considered the publisher of all messages that
you place in the Forum. You accept total and absolute responsibility for
everything you publish in this forum. It is your responsibility to determine
copyright restrictions, truth of claims, etc., and comply with all applicable

8. Access privileges.
Use is a privilege granted to all people by the Forum Manager. This privilege
may be revoked by the Forum Manager at any time for any reason.

9. Clock settings.
Your e-mail program will use the date and time on your PC's clock to stamp
your messages. So make sure your system's date and time are correct. Messages
with incorrect dates can be annoying. If your clock is losing time your
battery may be dying.

10. Privacy rights of others.
Respect people's feelings and their right to privacy. Think carefully before
forwarding an e-mail message. Don't send personal information about living
persons without their permission.

11. General.
Notice is hereby given that there are no facilities provided for sending or
receiving private or confidential electronic communications. All
communications shall be deemed to be readily accessible to the general public.
Do not use this Forum for any communication intended for only the sender and
intended recipients to read. Any information placed on this system will be
made available for general distribution to the public. The operators and
management of this system have no control over re-distribution or use by

By your use of this system, you agree to hold harmless the operators and
management against any and all claims arising out of such use regardless of
the cause or fault. The Forum Manager makes no representations, guaranties, or
warranties of any kind regarding any information, or materials distributed or
discussed in the Forum. 

By your use of this public Forum, you accept absolute and complete
responsibility for your actions. You are considered the publisher of all
materials that you send to the Forum. By using the Forum you are agreeing to
hold harmless and defend the Forum Management against all claims related to
your actions involving the Forum. 

Information placed in the Forum is not subject to prior review or censorship.
Although the Forum Management encourages users to act responsibly through the
posting of policy statements, guidelines, help messages, etc., it is
understood that the Forum Management does not screen materials placed in the
Forum to remove offensive, obscene, illegal, or otherwise potentially
inappropriate materials. You agree that use of the Forum is done with the
knowledge that material is not subject to review or censorship prior to
distribution. Due to the fact that such prior screening is not available, the
Forum Management recommends that adults not allow children to have
uncontrolled access to the Forum. By your use of the Forum you agree to
monitor and control your access in order to prevent misuse of the Forum and to
control access by children.

12. Other Responsibilities.
Each user accepts responsibility for obtaining all advice, help, services,
etc., necessary to comply with Forum policy. 

The user accepts responsibility for any and all harm caused by or associated
with inspecting, verifying, reading, or using in any manner anything received
or obtained from the Forum, other Forum users, or the Forum Management. The
user also accepts responsibility for any and all harm resulting from omission
of such inspection, verification, reading, or use.

These Forum Policy statements and other items which may be made available by
the Forum Management are subject to change at the discretion of Forum
Management without prior notice. The user accepts responsibility for
monitoring this policy and other items for changes.

The user accepts that Forum Management is under no obligation to provide
support or service of any kind to the user and may terminate or interrupt the
operations of the Forum at any time without prior notice. 

Interpretation and enforcement of all policy matters is at the discretion of
the Forum Management.

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