Professional Genealogist?? And Missing Relations Have Genealgoy Help! - Karl T. and Wendy Mayfield
Subject: Professional Genealogist?? And Missing Relations Have Genealgoy Help!
From: Karl T. and Wendy Mayfield
Date: February 21, 1999

Hello Listers,

My previous post regarding my missing genealogy records, with all of
your assistance I still have not found the records.  Leonardo Andrea is
a no go.  Indexes for surname, and research did not list my
grandmother.  Have contacted several different Gen Soc. but no
information can be found.  Soooooo a different approach.

I am looking for the following 2 living people.  Clifford Schmidt, and
Robert Dewey Peterson.  Previously of N. Augusta SC (Aiken Co?)  Last
known address was on Raven St.  Simple searches of phone books, and
other tools turn up noting on the location of these two. Some of you
reasearchers might have known my Aunt Diane Massicot (nee Frain)
Schmidt.  She did allot of research, and extended the information this
professional genealogist did for my Grandmother Marie Mildred Frain.
Diane died in 1989 (prob JULY???)  Mother Asked for a copy of these
records that Clifford Stored in the Garage...(After Diane Died)

Great Aunt Frances Lucile Lewis was under the care of Clifford.  She
passed away in 1993 at Windamere Nursing Home somewhere in SC?  A search
turns up no trace of this Nursing Home.  (A clue I would need to
possibly locate Clifford Schmidt)

Robert Dewey Peterson is the Son of Diane, and was a drummer in a band.
Both persons are married/remarried.

If anyone can be of assistance please e-mail me private like... (Don't
want to bug the list with extra gunk!)
*************************Wendy Mayfield*********************
Author of Locating the Living (A monthly posting on Roots-L)

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