Private - Southusa
Subject: Private
From: Southusa
Date: July 04, 1998

"Federal law (the National Historic Preservation Act) prohibits the
disturbance or removal of historic artifacts on federal property including
items as arrowheads, bottles, bricks, bullets, coins, pottery shards, farming
implements, eating utensils, etc."
Perhaps you can answer this for me. I have worried for years that collectors,
curious kids, etc., would remove artifacts from our own property which is
located within miles of the Battle of Honey Hill. Our house is gone, but a
wonderful old outhouse, as well as a chicken house, and a few other small
buildings still stand on the property. As children, we dug for treasures
ourselves in our own backyard.
Is there a law similiar to the one above that protects the property owner? "No
Trespassing" signs do not work.
Perhaps a response will also help us to know how to send a message to anyone
who's ever wanted to remove artifacts from private property or battlesites.
Patty Davis Runey
Charleston, SC

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