Re: Privacy and Genealogy - RustyCat
Subject: Re: Privacy and Genealogy
From: RustyCat
Date: March 25, 1999

I have run into the problem already of the living relatives not wanting any
information posted about them on the Net. I think that those of us
researching find this stuff so interesting and view it differently than
other family members (who see it as an invasion of their privacy.) We tend
to look at this as almost scientific. We can be detached and look at the
data like a bug under a microscope. The family members who object just
don't seem to understand that we mean no harm and don't seem to take the
sharing of data as something so personal. I view this field as gathering
pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle. My family views it as stripping them naked
in some way. It's a vastly different viewpoint but we have to understand
and respect their wishes. Sometimes they feel this way and are just not
saying it out loud. You should always ask just to make sure someone doesn't
mind being included on your data information.

Just my opinion.


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