Re: Primitive Baptist Church - Sandra and Wayne Riner
Subject: Re: Primitive Baptist Church
From: Sandra and Wayne Riner
Date: July 21, 1999

Mercer University has these records for the Primitive Baptist Church, check
there. This is for the old Church records.

The Records for these churches are kept with the individual church
>secretaries. I just sold a book on Ebay about the Progressive Primitive
>Baptists. Their College is is Thomasville, Georgia. Ihave heard then called
>"foot washers", too.
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>From: jim 
>Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 1999 3:39 PM
>Subject: Unidentified subject!
 Seeking information on Primitive Baptist churches of Georgia, South and
 North Carolina.  This Baptist group was also known as "hard shelled
 Baptist."  Where are records kept. Looking for LORD, HUMPRIES, ministers.
 The MIDWAY Church.  Any direction and help would be appreciated.  God
 bless -- Walter Lord

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