Primary Source Documents - Euzelia
Subject: Primary Source Documents
From: Euzelia
Date: April 11, 2000

 Primary Source Documents

This is a wonderful site.  Hope many of you can use it.

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Since we have a number of newcomers to EFSS, let me re-state a few
guidelines for posting messages:

The focus of this list is the period from 1607-1776, and primarily the
states of MD, VA, NC and SC (even though many families have later
migration patterns farther south and west). Please try to make sure that
your queries fit the list's focus. 

This is also a list that highly values primary research and
documentation. It is my hope that we will work as much as possible from
primary documents, and share those documents whenever possible. Please
feel free to post transcriptions of deeds, wills and other documents to
this list (if they meet the focus criteria, of course!), and always
being sure to give the fullest source information and the name of the
transcriber or abstracter if known. 

When posting any message, please sign the message with your name and
your email address (in the body of your message). 

When posting a query or introduction, or a follow-up to one, please put
the surnames in all CAPS (to make them more visible to the scanning
eye!) and please provide both a context of both TIME and specific
LOCATION (i.e. county as well as state) for your families at any given
time. Vague and non-specific queries are likely to be ignored or
overlooked, since they don't give other list members enough information
to be able to help you.

It is also helpful if you are as specific in your SUBJECT LINE as you
can be about surnames, locations and dates. 

When responding to an earlier post, please include a piece of that
message to let us know what you are responding to. However, please don't
append an extremely long message or series of messages--just enough to
let us know what you are making reference to.

Let me reiterate that I'm very, very pleased to have such a promising
and helpful group of people on this list. We have about 229 people
subscribed as of today. I encourage each of you who hasn't yet posted an
introduction to do so, following the guidelines listed above. 

Also remember that your messages are being archived for posterity in a
searchable archive by Rootsweb
( They are also
being sent to Rootsweb sponsors who belong to the PML service
(, a service that sends you any messages posted
on any Rootsweb list or forum that contains the surnames or keywords you
request. So, if your message contains the name BRYAN, not only will it
go to all members of EFSS, but will also go to all PML subscribers who
have requested the name "BRYAN". 

Welcome to all our new members, and thanks to all of our members who
have done a fine job of exchanging helpful information! I really look
forward to what this group can accomplish.


Pam Wilson
[email protected]
Marietta, GA

List Administrator, EFSS-L (Early Families in Southern States)


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