Price &McCrellis - LBate18495
Subject: Price &McCrellis
From: LBate18495
Date: March 28, 1998

       My thirdgreatggrandfather Dr. Jon Edward Price was born 2/Sep/1826
supposedly in Colulmbia South Carolina.  He probably had siblings but I do not
know the names of any of them. Nor do I know the names of his paternal and
maternal uncles and aunts either. His father was Joseph Price now I do not
know if this Joseph is the same as the Joseph Price that appears on the 1830
Census of Spartanburg. The family left South Carolina and arrived in Alabama
early in the  history of my State.
The family settled in Henry County Alabama in Abbeville the countyseat. It was
early enough that  Dr. Price grew up in Henry County and went through the
rural school system. He went to the University of South Alabama to medical
school  established his practice in Abbeville  He married Mila Henrietta
Kirkland in 1848 Their children were Robert Loomis Curtis Price a Miss Martin,
Katie Frances Price, m: John Holmes, Mattie McCrellis Price, MAttie m: Dr.
Charles Sporman, Laura Emma Price., Anna Belle Price. Laura Emma 1859-1951,
married my mother's paternal grandmother Oates's father John Thomas Solomon.
Anna Belle Price married Dr. William Pleasant Hardwick. Dr. Price's parents
are probably buried in Henry County, but I just do not know where.
Le Bateman

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