Re: PRICE & LAND, SC, 1870-19?? - Ruth Waldbauer
Subject: Re: PRICE & LAND, SC, 1870-19??
From: Ruth Waldbauer
Date: October 15, 1998

I wish I could help.  James M. Price is my gggrandfather but that is about
all I know about him.  I do not know the dates of his birth nor death.  I do
not know who his parents were.  I only know that his son Thomas (my
ggrandfather was born in Pickens in 1873).  I am searching in a couple areas
(cemetery, mortuary, church, relatives, NARA), but have nothing more yet.
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Date: Thursday, October 15, 1998 9:10 AM
Subject: Re: PRICE & LAND, SC, 1870-19??

>I'm looking for a Benjamin Price that was born in SC. about 1795.  In 1813
>married Selinda Price??  I don't know what Family of the Prices there that
>came from.  Can you help?
>Emma Price Ayles
>Humble, TX.

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