PRICE & LAND, SC, 1870-19?? - Ruth Waldbauer
Subject: PRICE & LAND, SC, 1870-19??
From: Ruth Waldbauer
Date: October 15, 1998

It has been awhile so time to try again.
I am searching for info on
James M. Price (Capt.) who married Margaret Elizabeth Land (daughter of G.
M. Land)
father of: William W. (settled in Wash.,D.C.)
                Thomas Earl  (settled near Wash., D.C.)
                Mrs. B. T. Keith  (settled in Falls Church, VA)
                Bessie (settled in Wash., D.C.)
                A?????? (settled in Phoenix, AZ)
                Samuel S. (settled in Wash.,D.C.)
                Jerome Stewart (settled in RI)
                James H. (stayed in Greenville, SC)
                Mrs. Myrtie Somers (settled in Manchester, VA)
                Elbert R. (settled in Wash.,D.C.)

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