PRESSLEY, Zou and Joyce -- Iva, SC - Mayes41
Subject: PRESSLEY, Zou and Joyce -- Iva, SC
From: Mayes41
Date: July 20, 1998


I am hoping that someone who lives or has lived in or near Iva, SC, will be
able to help me with this question:

I am looking for Zou PRESSLEY (PRESLEY).  She was probably born in the late
1890s or early 1900s.  She lived in Iva, SC, during the 1940s when I knew her,
and probably lived there until she died in the 1970s or 1980s, I believe.  She
had a daughter named Joyce, who was probably born in the 1930s--possibly late
1920s.  I don't know whether or not Joyce ever married.

Aunt Zou's husband was David PRES(S)LEY, but he died in probably the early
1930s or possibly late 1920s.  I don't know if David ever lived in Iva, or if
Aunt Zou moved there after he died.

If anyone has ever heard of these people, I would greatly appreciate hearing
From you.  Thanks a lot!
[email protected]

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