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Subject: Re: Preserving fragile documents
From: Kq5v
Date: April 01, 1999

In a message dated 4/1/99 7:27:05 PM Central Standard Time, 
[email protected] writes:

 Could anyone kindly advise me on preserving them from further
>  deterioration?

Paper has acid in it which is used in some way in the paper-making process. 
So all paper has a tendence to rot, or literally eat itself up. The acid in 
it makes it deteriate. I don't know how you can stop that. What I do with old 
newspaper clippings is laminate them to keep them from falling apart. I press 
them in a large book with a weight, or more books sitting on it over night, 
or for as long as it takes to get all of the wrinkles out. Office Depot, 
Office Max, large Walmart Stores, and Sams Stores have the lamination sheets. 
You have to be very careful because if you don't get the old sheet in the 
right place on the gummy sheet, there is no getting it up to move it. Once 
you get it on a sheet of the lamination material, it is pretty easy to lay a 
sheet on the other side. Then you can take a razor blade and a straight 
edge(ruler) and trim of the excess clear lamination material. Some printing 
supply shops may laminate the old deteriating sheets for you. Just ask around 
or look in the yellow pages, or ask at a printing shop. They should be able 
to direct you. 
If you choose to do it yourself, practice with plain paper until you get the 
feel and learn hos to do it. The old sheets will be a little more difficult 
because they are so limp and fragile.


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