Re: Preserving fragile documents - Crawford - Judith
Subject: Re: Preserving fragile documents
From: Crawford - Judith
Date: April 02, 1999

Very carefully take tohose pages and get copies made of them--I had some
old deeds 100 years old--that were falling apart that I had color
copied--I framed the copies and they look really neat. Store your old
pages in acid proof sleeves--I have ordered from Light Impressions--I just
looked at the catalog and their web sight which I have never looked at is

Again--copy newspaper clipping at once. You can soak in a T of milk of
magnessia sp? to 1 cup of water--this takes the acid out. I received a
clipping from World War II--it did a marvelous job with what was left of
the clipping---I did this to my daughters wedding anouncements about 8
years ago and they look marvelous.

Just for a smile--I use a lot of this to take acid out of paper--there was
a sale on milk of mag at rite-aid--I bought 2 large bottles--I didn't
realize why the lady was smilling so much when I bought them until I got
home or I would have explained.

Judy Creamer

On Thu, 1 Apr 1999, platypus wrote:

 I have just received very old, fragile pages torn from two family
> Bibles.  Could anyone kindly advise me on preserving them from further
> deterioration?
> Thanks,
> Debra Hubbard
> > 

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