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Date: May 07, 1998

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The lady who was looking for Martin. here is Gails list

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Subject: Re: PRATHER
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Dear Jean:
What I have I have on Video Tape where my Husband found them burried in Mt.
Zion, GA. in the United Methodist Church Cemetery.
He spoke with the now Rev.  Lance Snipes pastor.
He gave him his card which I have.
Mt. Zion United Methodist Church
P.O. Box 703
Mt. Zion, Georgia 30150
Church:  (770)834-8955  Home: (770)832-7397
He told me that he said (Pastor Snipes) that if anyone had any
records on the ones burried there it would be:
Linda McWhorter  728 Bowdon Jct. Road  Carrollton, GA  30117

On the huge tombstone it reads:


Margaret                                               Hicks
b. 12/24/1821                                    b. 3/10/1822
plus the dates of death that I told you about before.

Then on the 1880 US Census for Carroll County, Georgia
page 7 family # 59
Martin, Hicks    w, m, 58, head, married, Physician, bp. SC SC SC
Margaret  w, f, 58, wife, married, housekeeper, SC SC SC
Franklin A. w, m, 15, son, single, farmer, GA SC SC

1870 Carroll County Census, GA
p. 161, Dewlling 434 family 434
Martin, Hicks   48, m, w, physician, 1000, 700, SC, can vote
Margaret 48, f, w, keeping house, SC cannot write
Thomas, 16, m, w, works on farm, GA, cannot write
Mary 14, f, w, at home, GA                  cannot write
Martha 12, f, w, "            "                        "
Margaret 9, f, w, "           "                        "
Franklin 5, m, w, "           "                        "

1860 Carroll County Census, GA
p. 573 
Dewlling 6 family 6
Hicks Martin, 38,m,w, physician, 800, 500, SC
Margaret, 38, f, w, House, SC, Cannot read or write
Wm. H. m, 15, m, w, farmer, GA, in School
Rhoda E., 14, f, w,  GA, in school
Frances M., 13, f, w, "       "
James A., 11, m, w, "        "
Thomas H. 6, m, w, "         "
Mary J.     4, f, w,   "
Martha C., 2, f, w,   "

1850 Forsyth County, Georgia
p. 204, Dewlling 819 family 819
Hix Martin, 28, m, w, farmer, 100, SC
Margaret, 28, f, w,                        SC, Cannot read or write
William H., 6, m, w,                       GA
Rhoda E., 4, f, w,                          GA
Frances M., 3, f,w,                        GA
James A.,  1,m, w,                         GA

That's it for Documentation.
I have just ordered Several Marriage Cert. and am waiting for those to come

From a cousin I was told that 
Margaret was born in Coweta County, GA????  So don't know if
he made a mistake or if she lied on Census.
Will see.
Watch for post Subject #2.

> To: Gail Moore 
> Subject: Re: PRATHER
> Date: Wednesday, May 06, 1998 6:01 AM
> HI  Yes  I will send you all I have do you have any dates on this ?   we
> need to get together and get all this info in order if it is for sure
>       Jean


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