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Subject: Re: Re: POWG\Primitive Baptists
From: gslat
Date: December 28, 1999

The folks at POWG, Huxford, did NOT write the Primitive Baptists of 
Wiregrass.  A prof at the U of Valdosta did. I caint member his name tho I 
talked with him on the phone about Moses.  The book came out early this 
Check Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

I have no Humphry or variation thereof.
I have Lord, praise the Lord, and will post that.


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Does the POWG book have anything on the LORD or Humphry(ies) ministers?
I am seeking information on these lost Lord clan members.  Walter Lord
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From: Sandra Harn 
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 What is the Primitive Baptist Book by POWG? I am interested in
> any
> Rev. Miller before 1850.  Thanks
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> > Charles, do you have anything on FAIRCHILD'S in your POWG information?
> > Thanks
> >
> >
> > > >
> > > >
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