RE: POWG-Weeks - gslat
Subject: RE: POWG-Weeks
From: gslat
Date: December 28, 1999

Thanks Betty.
Did I mention that I also have bios on O'Steen?
Took weeks to dig out Weeks, jes joking, but O'Steen has bios.
I have a better setup on my new computer that I bought me for my birthday 
and Christmas present, but am not putting it online until about the 10th of 
Jan.  I figger the childish idiots with their viruses, etc, will have 
settled down by then.
Praise the Lord.
I will be able to handle requests much faster then, I will.
Holler if wanted on O'Steen.


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Subject:	POWG-Weeks

Charles, Thank You!  This is a great help.
Betty O'Steen

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