Re: POWG-Weeks - Bonnie Baggett
Subject: Re: POWG-Weeks
From: Bonnie Baggett
Date: January 02, 2000

No,  I'm quite willing to share info.  That's how I've gotten so much
over the years.  Let me know if any of this rings any bells.

My line is as follows:
1)  William Weeks, Sr.  b. < 1620 in Staines, Middlesex  Co., England
wed " Goodwife".  only name found.
2) William Weeks, Jr.  b~1645, on Martha's Vineyard, Ma.  wed Mercy
(Mary) Robinson on March 16,1668/69: from Barnstable, Plymouth Colony.
3) Benjamin Bringman Weeks b.April 4,1685  d. June 1745, Carteret Co.,
N.C.,  wed Mary Chase on Jan. 14, 1704, Falmouth, MA.
4) Theophilis Weeks b. 1708  d.?  wed Grace Green b.1710,  on Oct. 7,
1735.  Both died in Swainsboro, N.C.
4) Silas Weeks  b. >1735 d.?  wed Zilla Hunter b. >1835.
5) James Weeks, Sr. b<1755  wed Rebecca ? (?O'Steen?) b. <1755,  moved
to Sumter Co., S.C.
6) Joseph Chosel Weeks b. March 30, 1780  d. Dec. 22, 1852,  wed
Tabatha Griffin b. Dec.10, 1785, d.Nov. 15, 1850. Buried Sumter, S.C.
7) Joseph Christian Weeks  b1808,  d. March 31, 1868, wed Charlotte
Catherine Stoudemyer b. March 7, 1810, Dutch Fork area of Orangeburg,
S.C.   d. Oct. 26, 1878.  Both buried at the Weeks- Tiverton
Cemetery, Berkeley Co. S.C.
8) Jacob Loundes Weeks b. Dec. 7, 1852,  d. June 22, 1912,  wed
Evabelle Bradley  b. Nov. 25, 1860,  d. Oct. 21, 1910.  Buried at
Weeks - Tiverton Cem. Berkeley Co. S.C.
9)  George Herbert Weeks  b. Aug. 20, 1882,  d. Feb.5, 1958,  wed
Grace Eulalia Montgomery  b.Aug. 19, 1898,  d. Nov. 12, 1984. Buried
at Weeks - Tiverton Cem., Berkeley Co. S.C.
10)  Jacob Lawton Weeks  b. Jan. 19, 1919 Mcbeth, S.C.,   d. Sept. 13,
1997,  wed Louise Ernestine Tyler   b. Dec 15, 1919.  Jacob " Jake" is
buried at Rehoboth UMC Cem. McBeth, Berkeley Co. S.C. These are my

 It is most likely that the town of Swainsboro, N.C. was founded by
some of our Weeks ancestors.
I have some more documentation if you need it.
also looking for info on other family lines:  Tyler, Orangeburg area,
St Matthews, Berkeley Co. to Columbus, Ga.; Jamison,a daughter of Gen.
Jacob Rumph, Orangeburg area;  Stoudemyer, Orangeburg area; Zimmerman,
Orangeburg area; from Berkeley County;  Russell;  McCants, Purkey,
out of the Camden area, Williams, Montgomery,  Bowers, Horton.
Our  Baggett line is from Sampson Co. N.C.

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From: Janet Jilote 
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Subject: Re: POWG-Weeks

 Gee Bonnie,
> I may be related to your WEEKS line and was hoping to find a
> connection...   then you ask to be emailed privately. Why
> don't you want to share?
> Pouting,
> janet
> >
> >

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