RE: POWG Look Up - gslat
Subject: RE: POWG Look Up
From: gslat
Date: January 05, 2000

Sara, I have a 6000+ name Carter file.  All directly related to one man.
What version of FTM do you use? (I use V7)
I also have extracted all the Carters from the POWG.  I can send that in doc form.
Caint help you on the others.


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From:	Larry Laughter Jr [SMTP:[email protected]]
Sent:	Wednesday, January 05, 2000 9:44 AM
To:	[email protected]
Subject:	POWG Look Up

I have really enjoyed reading each of the loop-up that you have posted. Even
thought I haven't come across one of my relatives yet. If you can find the
time I would be interested in KERSEY, CARTER, PRESCOTT. Let me thank you in

Sara Laughter

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