Powers - valeria Nichols
Subject: Powers
From: valeria Nichols
Date: February 04, 2001

Posted on: The SCRoots Forum
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Surname: Towers, Powers, Farmer

Hi thank you for the information on Powers SC. I will keep it in mind as
I search.
The only thing I have is that Larkin Towers born 1800 came from Anderson
SC. He adopted a son Wm Farmer then Wm had a Son named Larkin G. Towers
who married a women named Martha Alice Powers born 4 may1872, m. on 15
Dec 1890 she died 5 Jan 1964 Bells TX Larkin Towers also buried there.
Her parents were Tillman B. and Lucy A. Powers of Onocee Co. SC and they
were supposed to be full Cherokee Indian.

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