Powells in SC - RudEbOy
Subject: Powells in SC
From: RudEbOy
Date: September 01, 1998

My Powells are from around the areas of Florence and Williamsburg Counties
of South Carolina.  I could not find any reference to them in the book "The
Powell Families of Virginia and the South" by Silas Lucas. Here is what I
have so far. As you can see it is very sketchy.

1. Robert Powell (no info) 
     +  unknown
     2. Jesse Scott Powell 1819-1886
         +Harriett Lavinia Poston (7/22/1821-3/22/1885)
            dau. of Hugh Poston and Ann Nancy Lawson
            3. Taylor Powell
                 +Emmaritha Adelaide Altman born 1856
                    dau. of Dotson Altman and Evina Curry
                    4. Beulah Powell
                         +Andrew James Altman born 1863
                            son Cleland Lorenza Altman and Elizabeth
	3. John Powell
	3. Julius Powell

Patti Thompson
[email protected]

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