POW-WOW - Janet Jilote
Subject: POW-WOW
From: Janet Jilote
Date: March 28, 1998

I just wanted to share that my 11 year old son and I went to the Edisto
Indian Cultural Festival (Pow-Wow) this afternoon held at the Ladson
Fairgrounds. It was an experience that I will remember. 

I went with intentions of making connections and finding information on
my Native American g-Grandmother and family from the Adam's Run area of
SC. Many people were helpful, and some offered to assist me later with
my search online. I received names and addresses of people with whom to
keep in touch, and places to go to do research.

There were booths from different tribes, local and out of state. There
were books and phamplets on histories and genealogies and various other
topics. There were herbs and tobacco, crafts, leather goods, weapons,
jewelery, furs and feathers. We even saw a dried allegator head (the
closest I'll ever get, hopefully)! 

The music was enchanting, the native dress impressive, and the dancers
gave meaning to each one's individuality and expression. My (not so shy)
son got out and danced within the big circle with the other dancers. He
being part Navaho has finally experienced a feeling of belonging to his
native culture.  

I did not feel awkward or out of place because of my white skin. Many
people gave us tokens to take with us that we will cherish. The
generosity, warmth, and friendliness gave me a feeling of family and of
being welcomed. 

I sat and watched as the sky turned a deep, yet lively shade of blue,
and on into the dark of night. It seemed to me that Earth was in harmony
with the Heavens and I was at peace with Life.

While humming the tunes that stuck in my head.... I look forward to
going to next years Indian Fest. 

Janet Nielson Jilote (& Juan Henrique)

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