POW Camps in OK. - Vickie Taylor
Subject: POW Camps in OK.
From: Vickie Taylor
Date: February 15, 1999

   For what it is worth, My NEILL family here in central Oklahoma worked
many German POWs on the family farm. Daddy has told stories of them singing
while they worked. Many of the songs they sang were tunes he new as well
but they sounded a little different when they sang them. 
   One of his older brothers was in the air force and shot down. He was
held for about 18 months. For most of that time, the family believed him to
be dead. Once he did return home, the POWs were still working on the farm
and it caused a little excitement so I'm told. After the initial shock,
things were fine. 

Vickie Neill Taylor
[email protected]

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