Re: POW - Suggestions to Find Answer - Karl T. and Wendy Mayfield
Subject: Re: POW - Suggestions to Find Answer
From: Karl T. and Wendy Mayfield
Date: February 15, 1999

"David L. Hamiter" wrote:

  What possible interest could this subject be on this echo{list}?
> --
> David L. Hamiter
> [email protected]

Dear Mr Hamiter,

The subjet of POW Camps came up because I am attempting to verify a family
story reguarding my late great Uncle, whom was interred in said POW camp(s).
As I was unfamiliar with where the location was of the POW camp I posted a
question reguarding it.

I have learned many things reguarding the subject of these POW camps, and
appreciate all of the help that I have recieved.

You do however raise a point that needs to be clarified.  In my post I
expained that my Gr Uncle was allowed to interrogate these prisioners.  The
question I pose is why would a prisioner be allowed to interrogate.  There
were many fond remembrances of these Germans, but there must have been trouble
makers as well... IE your post.   Cutting Pant legs etc etc...

Some of the best genealogist I have seen not only record dates in the lives
and times of the Ancestor, but they also record the history of that ancestor.
If I am not remiss in reminding everyone on this list.  But it seems to me
that if we forget these bits of information, then we loose the charactor of
the ancestor in question.  These were people after all, with hopes and dreams
just like you and I.  I am not the person to say that anyone was wrong about
such and such.. I just wanted to point out that tracking down this information
was important to the researchers looking for ancestors that might have come
From these CAMPS.

Once again if any of you have heard of or have known Sinclair John LEWIS also
going by Bertram or Bert, please let me know....he was born in Vienna Austria,
and lived in N. Augusta SC.

With Love and Kindness
Wendy Mayfield

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