Re: Posting SC Surnames - Sandie Harn
Subject: Re: Posting SC Surnames
From: Sandie Harn
Date: July 17, 1998

I have a William Getsinger that Married Mary Polly Creech 1st and later
married Martha Mayer(Meyer). He had 12 children by the Creech wife. Sandie
Harn  You addressed this message to a William, was that a mistake or is
there someone researching this family named William.  Thanks.

> From: [email protected]
> To: [email protected]
> Subject: Re: Posting SC Surnames
> Date: Thursday, July 16, 1998 7:08 PM
> William 
> I see where you are researching Getsinger's. Do you have any information
on a
> Melissa A. Creech. William Getsinger her uncle by marriage was her
> William Getsinger was m. to her Father Stephen Creech's sister Mary
> Creech. William Getsinger was released from guardianship in Feb. 1864.
> Melissa Creech  was now residing in Baker Co. Ga. Stephen Creech son of
> Creech and Judith Dodd and grandson of of Stephen Creech and Elizabeth
> Preacher.
>                                                          Thanking you in
> advance for any help 
>                                                           Regards Ben

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