Re: Post to the list - Toomean2
Subject: Re: Post to the list
From: Toomean2
Date: May 08, 1998

These are the copies of wills I have.
Also can do lookups in 1850 Spartanburg Co. Census, and Spartanburg Co.
and Union Co. Cemetery Books.

Ralph Jackson  filed:  1817  Union, SC
Absolom Bobo filed:  1847    Union SC
Samuel Cathcart signed 1820   Spartanburg SC
Sion Lawson  filed:  1842  Union SC
Wm. Lawson  filed  1827  Union SC
Probate for J.W. Adams  1862   Union SC
Probate for Pressley Foster  1872   Union SC
Greenberry Tracy  1885   Union Sc
Hugh Nelson  1802   Union SC
Edward Lynch   Spartanburg SC
John Sinkler/Sinclair 1844   Union SC
William Lanford  1863   Spartanburg SC
John Leatherwood  1820   Spartanburg
Zachariah Leatherwood  1814   Spartanburg SC
Probate:  Thomas Stribling  1852   Spartanburg SC
James Layton  1852   Spartanburg CO
Joseph Wofford  1828   Spartanburg SC
Probate: C.C. Layton   Spartanburg SC
John Layton:  1804   Spartanburg SC
Jane Waters  1852   Spartanburg SC
Elijah Cooper  1797   Union SC
Probate:  Boardwine Waters  1820   Spartanburg SC
William Hill  1867   Spartanburg SC

Anybody interested, just let me know!

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