Re: Post to the list - Janice Gunnin
Subject: Re: Post to the list
From: Janice Gunnin
Date: May 08, 1998

Great idea:

The History of Dillon County by Durward T. Stokes

The History of Anderson County

Stanton Family

Gunnin Family

The Martin Stanley McCay 1700-1980

Just came home from visiting Library in Columbia and purchased the

Journals of the House of Representatives years from 1750 - 1794  9

Journals of the Commissioners/Indian Trade 1710 - 1765 3 volumns
 Stub Entries of Indents c-f/ g-h/ r-t/ u-w/ q-o 5 volumns

These are for interesting reading.
If I can be of help let me know.
Janice in Texas

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