Re: Post to the List - C. Coats-Siercks
Subject: Re: Post to the List
From: C. Coats-Siercks
Date: May 16, 1998

Oh...if any one lives near the SC Archive...could you tell us what it is it is for research...anything interesting that might be of 
help when doing research there or in particular by mail....what 
materials might be useful for searching pre revolutionary documents...

URQ...are there any Coate, Coats, or Coates in the Charleston Merchants 


From: URQ5 
>Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 01:41:42 EDT
>Subject: Post to the List
>To: [email protected]
>Greetings to all you SC Rooters. The weekend is here again, and you 
>have time to post something interesting to the list. I know you meant 
to do it
>last weekend, but with such nice weather, your good intentions were 
>So look on your bookshelf & tell us what you have available for 
lookups; post
>the info in your great grandfather's Bible or tell us about the Rev. 
War era
>church & cemetary in your area. Think about our list members who live 
>the country who will NEVER have access to certain SC information unless 
>To get things started, I will be offering lookups in Plowdens in 
History: An
>Overview of 800 Years by Jesse Clifton Plowden, Jr. and a Charleston 
>listing from the mid- 1700's. The merchants list is not indexed, so 
>patience and please limit requests to 3 individual names.
>Get motivated; be inspired; your brick wall might come tumbling down 
>Happy hunting and good health to you.
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