Re: Post to the list - C. Coats-Siercks
Subject: Re: Post to the list
From: C. Coats-Siercks
Date: May 08, 1998

Well, here goes...this is just for the surname Coate, Coates, 
Coats...but I've gotten my line back to Newberry SC on Kings 
Creek...William Coats, with his son Barton Coats acting as executor when 
they sold William's 200 acres on Kings Creek in about hmmmm, 
1794....we're looking now for the Coats connections and groups in 
SC...copies of the documents are in the Coats Family Archive...

There is also some research and some deeds where the Coats name is 
mentioned...documents can be downloaded for those doing research...

Charlotte Coats-Siercks

From: URQ5 
>Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 22:54:07 EDT
>Subject: Re: Post to the list
>To: [email protected]
>In a message dated 98-05-08 22:02:57 EDT, [email protected] writes:
><< These are the copies of wills I have.
> Also can do lookups in 1850 Spartanburg Co. Census, and Spartanburg 
> and Union Co. Cemetery Books. >>
>Wow ! Thanks Lisa for rising to the challenge. This is the kind of post 
>need to keep this list interesting.
>To the rest of you SC rooters, Lisa took a giant leap by offering 
> on
>all that information.  I know some of you are sitting on out of print 
>(that we'd all like a peek at), your 3rd great grandmother's diary or 
>t old
>family Bible that you've been meaning to transcribe.  Pull 'em out & 
> to
>the list. You might find a missing ancestor this weekend if enough 
> get
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