Post to the List - URQ5
Subject: Post to the List
From: URQ5
Date: May 15, 1998

Greetings to all you SC Rooters. The weekend is here again, and you finally
have time to post something interesting to the list. I know you meant to do it
last weekend, but with such nice weather, your good intentions were thwarted. 

So look on your bookshelf & tell us what you have available for lookups; post
the info in your great grandfather's Bible or tell us about the Rev. War era
church & cemetary in your area. Think about our list members who live across
the country who will NEVER have access to certain SC information unless we

To get things started, I will be offering lookups in Plowdens in History: An
Overview of 800 Years by Jesse Clifton Plowden, Jr. and a Charleston merchants
listing from the mid- 1700's. The merchants list is not indexed, so have
patience and please limit requests to 3 individual names.

Get motivated; be inspired; your brick wall might come tumbling down this

Happy hunting and good health to you.

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