Post - Louis, Vicky, or Susan LaRiccia
Subject: Post
From: Louis, Vicky, or Susan LaRiccia
Date: June 26, 1998

  I am looking for the birth and death dates of the children of
Christopher Gustavus
and Mary Wilkinson MEMMINGER. (Thomas Bennett,Robert Withers,Christopher

Gustavus,Allard,Edward R.,Ellen,Mary and Virginia) As far as I know they
were all
born in Charleston,SC.
Also I have a newspaper clipping stating that a Lucy  Wilkinson
Memminger PINCKNEY  died of Diptheria and was the daughter of Hon.
Christopher Gustavus
MEMMINGER. The Obit. was hand dated  1874 or 1879, I can't tell which.
is not listed among his children in his Obit. of 1888. Can anyone tell
me where she
fits in?  I will be going to Charleston, SC in Oct. of this year, I hope
to find  a lot more
information. Any info. would be appreciated. Vicky   [email protected]

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