Possible Temples House 1900, Edgefield Co, SC - Robert Temples
Subject: Possible Temples House 1900, Edgefield Co, SC
From: Robert Temples
Date: February 05, 2001

Dear Temple Researchers:

We recently received a photograph from Gloria Kahrs that she said her mother thought it was the "Temples House" that Seabron Temples lived at in Edgefield County, SC. We have attached the photo as a JPEG.file. After further research we suspect this maybe Seabron Temples with his daughter, Elender Caroline Temples (Ella), her husband, children, and an un-identified young lady (the lady with the darker plaid dress) around 1900. Based on the approx. time period, this maybe Seabron when he is living as a widower on his farm with his daughter and son-n-law, Wilson Johnston, around 1895-1905, (they were married in 1879). 

1900 Census record, Edgefield Co., SC:

"Wilson Johnston, head of household, white, male, born May 1850, age 50, married 21 years, born in South Carolina (SC), parents born in SC, farmer, looks like rented the farm, farm schedule 287; Ella, wife, white, female, born May 1862, age 38, married 21 years, 6 children born, 6 living, born in SC along with parents, can read and write; Octavia, daughter, white, female, born Dec 1880, age 19,single, born in SC, farm laborer, 3 months not employed, can read and write; Hattie, daughter, white, female, born Dec 1881, age 18, single, born in SC, farm laborer, 3 months not employed, can read and write; Donnie, daughter, white, female, born Sep. 1882, age 17, single, born in SC, farm laborer, 3 months not employed, can read and write; Eva, daughter, white, female, born Feb. 1889, age 11, single, born in SC, farm laborer, 6 months not employed, 3 months in school, can read and write; Barney, son, white, male, born Sep. 1891, age 8, single, born in SC; James, son, white, male, bor!
n Oct. 1896, age 3, single, born in SC; Stephens, father-in-law, white, male, born Apr. 1821, age 79, widower, born in SC, parents born in SC, can read and write." 

In the photo there are seven children shown. I am guessing on this one, that the second lady to the right of the older gentleman (Seabron we hope), she has a dress quite different from the rest, is a family friend or related family member. Under a magnifying glass she is one without an umbrella and or bible in hand. That would make this picture taken around 1900 with Seabron 79 years of age. He lived until 1906.

We need to verify this, but it seems to fit the picture of this family around 1900 pretty closely. If anyone can identify this picture, its time period, or the family, we would be very grateful. Gloria did say that her mother did thought it was of a Temples's family.  Please contact me if this looks familiar.

Robert Temples

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