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Subject: Fwd: Possible Revolutionary deaths
From: Wodi Pro
Date: March 16, 1998

From: 	Wodi Pro
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Subject: 	Possible Revolutionary deaths

In the Abbeville area of SC two Johnsons and maybe three were killed by the British.. John, Andrew and Francis Johnson/Johnston.  One was married to Margaret Miller.  One I believe was the ancestor of Adlai Stepenson.  Family tradition says  that Jane and Elizabeth Johnson Liddell's father was tortured and burned by the British..One of the Johnson girls married Moses Liddell and one married Andrew Liddell.  I am descended from Jane and Andrew.  Both families have handed down the story of the burning of their father.  I have a theory that their father's death happened when a group left the fort at 96 to get food and were captured by British and turned over to the Indians and many of them burned.. One of those was Joab Liddell.  Does anyone have any of these Johnson/Johnstons as ancestors?? Do you know the story of Coronaca?  Anne  

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