possible photo of Seabron & Rebecca TEMPLES, 1893 - Robert Temples
Subject: possible photo of Seabron & Rebecca TEMPLES, 1893
From: Robert Temples
Date: February 05, 2001

Dear Temples Researchers:

We tried to attached the photo of this house as a JPEG.file, but Rootsweb
doesn't permit this. So would interested parties please contact me privately
with their addresses so that copies could be sent you.

We recently received a copy of a tin-style photograph from Gloria Kahrs that
she said her mother thought it was of Seabron & Rebecca Temples that lived
in Edgefield County, SC their whole lives. We have attached the photo as a
JPEG.file. Rebecca died December 2, 1894. So, if this them, it would have
been taken prior to this dated. They were married about 1843 and this may
have been their 50th Wedding Anniversary picture. Gloria did say that her
mother did think it was of a Temples family.

If anyone can identify this picture, its time period, or the family, please
contact me.

Robert Temples

Lynnwood, Washington

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