PONDS (PONS) COLLETON CTY 1700-1800 - Jlinc12317
Subject: PONDS (PONS) COLLETON CTY 1700-1800
From: Jlinc12317
Date: September 28, 1999

I am researching the following Ponds (Pons) in Colleton cty. SC.

William Pons
John Ponds
Mary Ponds

They came from around Walterboro.  I have a source that says that in the 
Cross Swamp in "low country" (don't really know what that means) there were 
old cemeteries by the names of "Cross Swamp" , "Ponds Cemetery", "Polk 
Cemetery".  I visited our library in Orlando and looked at their cemetery 
listings for Colleton cty. and could not find any of the names of my family.

Does anyone have any info or are researching the Ponds (Pons) name?
Thank you.    Jeanne    [email protected]

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