POMARIA? - J Jilote
Subject: POMARIA?
From: J Jilote
Date: September 28, 1998

Seems like in my haste I've become CONFUSED!

A Pomaria in SC, not in GA
Clay Co in Ga, not in SC

Gee.... don't you just love those online CD searches! Add
that with not paying attention, and Wa-la CONFUSION! and NO



Elevation: 404
Estimated Population (1994): 283
State: South Carolina
County: Newberry*
Variant Name(s)Folk Hill
USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map: Pomaria
Latitude: 341606N
Longitude: 0812512W

Beard, Barny
State : GA
County : Clay Co.
Location : Pomaria P. O.
Year : 1860
Page # : 004

Family Finder Index Search:

Barny - 1860 GA
Barnwell - 1860 SC
Barnwell - 1870 SC/ NC
Barney - 1870 GA
Barney - 1880 TX

Any Suggestions?

Still hoping someone will do the GA lookups (will pay for


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