Policy Reminder: Announcements - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Policy Reminder: Announcements
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: July 02, 1998

Policy Reminder: Announcements

In general, announcements about reunions are off-topic in the SCRoots email
forum.  There are thousands of reunions held around the country every month. 
SCRoots Email Forum is not the place to announce them.

But, a few of these Reunions may have some relationship to South Carolina
genealogy, and some SCRooters do have interests in this sort of information. 
For those reasons, SCRoots has other places where you can post or discuss such

1. You can post Reunion announcements in the SCRoots Reunions database.  You
will find the database on the SCRoots website at
http://members.tripod.com/~SCROOTS or

2. You can talk about Reunions in the [email protected] email forum.

3. You can post something in one of the guestbooks on the SCRoots web site.

4. You can discuss Reunions in the SCRoots Talkcity chat room which is shown on
SCRoots web site.

5. You can install ICQ chat, SCRoots recommended chat tool, and spread the word
via ICQ.

6. Reunion announcements for specific surnames would probably be welcomed in the
Rootsweb forums for that specific surname.  Check the policy for each forum to
be sure.

7. Anyone interested in finding more Reunion type information can do so by
searching for "Reunions" at any major search site on the net.  You can find
links to the major search sites on the SCRoots web site.

Thanks for understanding,

Steve Coker
SCRoots Manager

Diana Church wrote:
> The following families have listed a JULY reunion.  Descriptions include

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