Poem, Visitor, all that yak yak yak - Lucian Collins
Subject: Poem, Visitor, all that yak yak yak
From: Lucian Collins
Date: September 22, 1999

Hi there group
I personally enjoyed the poem, but if I had not I still have the "DELETE
KEY"  and I can use it. I don't need to air it over the airways. While the
opinions were going out and peoples little fingers were typing all pro and
cons, I was looking up surnames for some one in Texas. Honestly folks if you
don't like something, delete it and if you do like it then enjoy. It is a
free country.
Bless you all for in some way we all are related.
 Eldest son after paternal grandfather
 Second son after maternal grandfather
 Third son after father
 Eldest daughter after maternal grandmother
 Second daughter after paternal grandmother
 Third daughter after mother

LaNoy Collins
[email protected]

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