Pocotaligo, Jasper Co, SC - karen busby
Subject: Pocotaligo, Jasper Co, SC
From: karen busby
Date: March 03, 1998

Charles Compton wrote:
>     Can anyone on the list tell me the name of one of the places persons in
> Laurens County joined the CSA ?  I have a service record before me and it
> looks like it says "Pucataligo in Beaufort District".  My map collections,
> atlases nor GNIS servers are helping on this one. Any help out there ?
>     This particular soldier died in the hospital in Richmond and I would
> like to decipher the name on this hospital so I can maybe determine the
> place of burial.  It looks like the document says, "...and died at Richmond
> (Mendes, Mender, Ninder, Winder, Ninder Nindes) Hpt."  Anybody have a hint
> what the name of this facility might be ? None of these choices have "rung a
> bell" with anyone yet.
>     Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.
> Charlie
> Charles Compton   (K4BQP)
> [email protected]
> 466 Roberts Circle
> Lincoln, Al., 35096
> 205-763-2207

You are looking for Pocotaligo, Jasper Co., SC. This area use to be part
of Hampton Co and before that Beaufort District, SC. If you look at a
map, it is right off of I 95 just as you cross into present day Jasper

Karen Busby

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