Please Tell Jane We Need Her - Bjall
Subject: Please Tell Jane We Need Her
From: Bjall
Date: February 10, 1999

Dear List,
Jane is referring to the Happy99 worm that she received from someone as an
attachment to an e-amil thanking her for all her hard work. She thought that
the person was just attaching a nice card to her. She opened the attachement
to this persons e-mail called Happy99, which shows fireworks exploding. She
still did not know that she had just infected her computer with this worm
Happy99. This worm file attached itself WITHOUT HER KNOWLEDGE to a few e-mails
that she sent out. The Andrea files DID NOT HAVE ANY PROBLEM AT ALL. If you
read these files do not worry- you are OK. She received this worm file later.
She had NO KNOWLEDGE of this problem with her e-mails and did not even know of
the problem until much later. The only way you would have the worm Happy99 is
if you downloaded an attachment called Happy99 and saw fireworks. I am told
that this worm does not destroy any data, it only copies itself to e-mails
that you send out- all without your knowledge. It is easy to destroy with the
instructions posted earlier to this forum. Jane is an innocent victim who did
a lot of hard work for us and deserves our thanks and support. We need more
people like her!! Please send her a personal e-mail at  [email protected] and
ask her to resubscribe and thank her for all the hard work. Thanks for you
Bev. Allen
[email protected]

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