Please don't be disheartened - Eddie
Subject: Please don't be disheartened
From: Eddie
Date: July 13, 1998

Steve, you are doing a wonderful job. I hope you won't allow any of
the verbage tonight to get you down. I happen to agree with your
initial response. I found it on point factually, ethically and in our
world of legaleze, protectively. You manage an inclusive, helpful
site. The righteous who have expended so much energy venting about
Ancestry would sorely miss this site if it were forced to close
because of unethical practices condoned by the site manager. I don't
know how many subscribers there are to your list; but, you know that
only a very small percentage were in the fray. The rest of us
sincerely appreciate all of your efforts :)

Bettie Goldman
[email protected]

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