Re: Please contact me-lost hard drive - Mary Lou Lisenbe
Subject: Re: Please contact me-lost hard drive
From: Mary Lou Lisenbe
Date: March 10, 1998

Hi Debbie,

Even tho your hard drive crashes, it's entirely possible that someone
can extract the information from it.  Call a computer store and ask 
for names of people that can do this for you.

Mary Lou

Debbie Parsons wrote:
> Hello, my name is Debbie Parsons.  I recently had my hard disk crash and
> lost everything I had on it.  I had some info backed up, but not all.  I
> really learned my lesson on that one.  Would anyone who has contacted me
> before please recontact me so I can put them back into my address and
> email file?  I'm really sorry to everyone.  I am fairly new to computers
> and genealogy and I guess some things you just have to learn the hard
> way.
> I am especially looking for Ann from Houston, Texas who did me a great
> favor and did some lookups for me on my Rhames and Capps line.   I
> recieved your package, but lost your email address.  Please contact me
> again.
> Also I'm looking for Ray Griffith who is researching Chestnuts.  Please
> contact me.
> Also looking for Leo Vereen, please email me again.
> Thank you all so much and I'm really sorry about all of this mess.
> Debbie [email protected]
> Researching: Anderson, Bray, Capps, Chestnut, Eurzar (Enzar), Fowler,
> Gargano, Houseman, King,  Newton, Rhames, Royals, Tyler, Vereen, Vroome.

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