Please contact me-lost hard drive - Debbie Parsons
Subject: Please contact me-lost hard drive
From: Debbie Parsons
Date: March 10, 1998

Hello, my name is Debbie Parsons.  I recently had my hard disk crash and
lost everything I had on it.  I had some info backed up, but not all.  I
really learned my lesson on that one.  Would anyone who has contacted me
before please recontact me so I can put them back into my address and
email file?  I'm really sorry to everyone.  I am fairly new to computers
and genealogy and I guess some things you just have to learn the hard

I am especially looking for Ann from Houston, Texas who did me a great
favor and did some lookups for me on my Rhames and Capps line.   I
recieved your package, but lost your email address.  Please contact me

Also I'm looking for Ray Griffith who is researching Chestnuts.  Please
contact me.  

Also looking for Leo Vereen, please email me again.

Thank you all so much and I'm really sorry about all of this mess.

Debbie [email protected]

Researching: Anderson, Bray, Capps, Chestnut, Eurzar (Enzar), Fowler,
Gargano, Houseman, King,  Newton, Rhames, Royals, Tyler, Vereen, Vroome.

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