Pleasant Doolittle THURMOND - Mary West Rumora
Subject: Pleasant Doolittle THURMOND
From: Mary West Rumora
Date: November 04, 1999

Following are the children of Pleasant Doolittle THURMOND as recorded in his Family Bible:

m1.  June 1, 1854 in Edgefield, SC to Mary Adeline QUARLES their son William Robert THURMOND born the next year;  Mary Adeline died on April 22, 1855 from complications of childbirth and her infant son died a few weeks later on June 9, 1855.  

m2. Oct. 11, 1857 to Mary Ison VANCE b. April 25, 1842 in KY d. Dec. 9, 1921, children:
1. Sarah Ann Harriet Henrietta THURMOND b. Aug. 11, 1859
2. Pleasant Davis THURMOND b. Sep. 16, 1861
3. James Tolbert THURMOND b. Nov. 5, 1863
4. Mary Ellen Josephine THURMOND b. Feb. 22, 1866
5. Frances Jane THURMOND b. July 26, 1868
6. Margaret Anna THURMOND b. July 19, 1871      (my gr-grandmother)
7. Walter Eugene THURMOND b. July 19, 1876
8. Johnny Vance THURMOND b. June 20, 1878
9. Clarence THURMOND b. June 8, 1880

(NOTE: Early researchers recorded Mary Vance's name as Mary J. Vance because the written capital I looked like a capital J, but her middle name was Ison according to my grandmother and other family records.)


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