Plea for Steven Coker - J. R. Hollingsworth
Subject: Plea for Steven Coker
From: J. R. Hollingsworth
Date: February 12, 1998

            Steven Coker placed online on SC Roots a number of messages
relating to the holdings of the SC Library relating to Genealogy.
            Talk about timely.  Next Saturday the Humble Area Genealogical
Society is having its annual seminar, featuring Brent Howard Holcomb, a
professional genealogist from SC.
            How many time have I been to seminars and come away with a few
notes and not much else of continuing use.
            I copied Steve's postings into my word processor and massaged
the repetitions away, added a few headings, and Walla! -- a 10 page handout
for us to distribute at the seminar.
            It is easy to say that the numerous postings occupied too much
space in the messages, and perhaps he should have paced the number to 5 a
day or some number, but the value of the information to our Genealogical
Society is immense.
            I wrote some time ago thanking you for keeping a close watch on
your web site, but in communicating to Steve about permission to use his
postings, he informed me that you had excommunicated him from the fellowship
of the list.
            This is written to plead with you to reinstate him, and to allow
others to post similar [albeit shorter] informative details about where to
find research sources.                 Kindest regards,

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