Re: Plat maps - C. Coats-Siercks
Subject: Re: Plat maps
From: C. Coats-Siercks
Date: July 05, 1998

Sounds like my ancestors were on the same ship as your......yes, the 
SC Archive has state plats...if you send them a name and address...I 
requested the surname index for mine...they sent me copies of the com 
index, which I believe includes the plats and state grants...they are 
really good for research...I get a lot of Archives that tell you they 
have to have a specific name and won't give you any info or index for an 
entire if I know who I'm looking for.......Charlotte

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Subject: Plat maps
From: [email protected] (Margaret B Miller)
Date: Sun, 05 Jul 1998 16:54:49 EDT
To: [email protected]

Attempting to get in touch with a Mr. Dan Bell, SC State Parks,
Charleston Landing 29407. Does he have a phone number at which he can be

Not completely clear on Mr. Bell's project but to the best of my
understanding the Parks Department for which Mr. Bell works is 
to locate the foundations of the homes of some of our ancestors who were
in SC in the early years - in the Dorchester area.

We have a number of ancestors who came to the Dorchester area ca 1696 
would be interested in securing plats of their homes if they are


Margaret Miller

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