Planter - Benjamin Winfield Adams
Subject: Planter
From: Benjamin Winfield Adams
Date: March 17, 2000

Hello everybody, my name is Benjamin Winfield Adams
and I have just joined the listserve.  I teach at a university
in South Korea and in my spare time -- which I have a lot of --
I am working on book involving various lines of my family
history.  At present I am on a Murphy line, and I have in
my possession a last will and testament from the Surry County
records, dated 1753.  Apparently a Simon Murphy (also
Murfey) owned a plantation in Planter, Surry county. Also
the document mentions land in Southhampton and the
Atsomosac Swamp.  In fact the document does not specifically
mention South Carolina, but other genealogical
records I have show Planter as being in South Carolina,
and also his son Simon Murphy Jr. as dwelling in Union
county S.C.  I realize this might be pretty elementary stuff
or common knowledge for some, but since I am from
Utah and have never been to South Carolina I don't
know much about the state's geography.  Moreover,
being in Korea, I have limited resources.  Also I am
interested to know if this area would be considered
Piedmont or Coastal Plains, and considering that the
Simon Murphy owned  a small number of slaves, would
this make him a fairly well off plantation owner?
Any information or direction, will be enormously
appreciate.  Thanks Much, Ben

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