RE: Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia. - Sheree Robinette
Subject: RE: Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia.
From: Sheree Robinette
Date: December 22, 1999

Charles, You sent some information to me that was extremely helpful. Most of
my paternal family came from Germany to Charles Town, SC. They settled all
over the state before many moved to Georgia. You never know when a posting
will help. Don't let a few grumpy people spoil your good deed for everyone
else. Thanks again and have a wonderful Christmas!

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Sent: Tuesday, 21 December 1999 19:36
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Subject: Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia.

This being Christmas season I thought I might be able to help someone by my
postings to locate their kin that left SC as many of them went to Georgia,
including my family.
I see now that the ones not benefiting from it are complaining.
I have no intentions of opening my mail to see derogatory stuff. (don't
mention delete, your not supplying the info, nor are you using the delete
I therefore will stop posting and wait days again before I see another
Scroots post, other than Jeans. Unknown to her, hers has helped me.

Merry Xmas to the grinches, Merry Christmas to the rest.


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